“The Marble and Granite Company in the Bay Area”.

We are importers, distributors, and suppliers of natural stone such as exotic Granite, Marble, Limestone, Travertine, Onyx, Slate, Soapstone and Quartzite slabs. We also carry tiles, mosaics, borders, and blocks. Our stone collection consists of over 300 variations of natural stone. By travelling all over the world to hand select our products, we know we are providing our customers with the finest material available.

Marble and Granite Slabs Bay Area

At any given time, we have an inventory of over 10,000 marble and granite slabs.

We have in stock the largest selection of Marble and Granite slabs in the San Francisco Bay Area. We are located in Hayward, California and we serve the entire Bay Area: San Francisco, Peninsula, East Bay, South Bay and North Bay. We also ship to Hawaii and other areas in the United States.

At Pietra Fina, our objective is to ensure our customers have the best selection of natural stone and to create a pleasant environment to make the selection process an enjoyable experience.

We specialize in exotic and hard to find Granite slabs such as Yellow Bamboo,Azul Bahia, Azul Macaubas, Nacarado, Madre Perla, White Princess, Juparana Creme Bordeaux, Costa Esmeralda, White & Gold, Labradorite Lemurian, Blue Louise, Azul Imperial, Golden Eclipse, Typhoon Bordeaux, Golden Beach and many more. These beautiful natural stones have the physical characteristics of granite but resemble the look of Marble.

And check out the latest exotic materials such as Taj Mahal Granite, Quartzite Perla, Perla Venata, Luce Di Luna Quartzite, White Macaubas, Calacatta Brazil, and Dolce Vita Granite.

The latest trend in Marble is White Marble from Carrara, Italy. This region is in Tuscany, Italy. Here the Romans started quarrying this beautiful marble 2500 years ago and Michelangelo got his blocks for “The David”, “Bacco”, “Vittoria”, and “Pieta'” to name a few.

Beautiful White Marble Slabs at Work

These beautiful variations of white marble include Calacatta Oro, Calacatta Gold Vein, Calacatta Franchi, Calacatta Borghini, Calacatta Vagli, Calacatta Arabescato, Calacatta Cremo, Calacatta Cream, Calacatta Cremo Delicato, Calacatta Cremo Dorato, Calacatta Cremo Oro, Calacatta Luccicoso, Calacatta Moonlight, Calacatta Michelangelo, Calacatta Caldia, Calacatta Sponda, Calacatta Green Wave, Calacatta Paonazzo, Calacatta Zebrino, (Zebrino), Striato Apuano, Striato Olimpico, Bianco (White) Carrara (Carrera), Carrera Venato, Statuario, and Statuarietto.

*The common misspelled words for White Marble are: Calcutta Gold, Calcatta Gold, Calacutta Gold, White Carrera, Carrera marble, Calcutta Oro, Calcatta Oro, Calacutta Oro.

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